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Oliver Wasow:
Studio Portraits

4 April – 11 May 2014



Oliver Wasow
Oliver Wasow: Studio Portraits

4 April – 11 May 2014

Opening reception: Friday, 4 April , 6 - 9 pm
Gallery hours Friday - Sunday 1-6 pm

Theodore:Art is pleased to present an exhibition of new photographs by Oliver Wasow

Just a few of the things I’ve been thinking about while making these pictures:

These are the first photographs I’ve shown with people in them.  I went 30 years without ever putting a human figure into my work. I have been asked: why I didn’t photograph people?  I had a thousand answers, most of them having to do with not trusting that photographs really tell us anything about the person in the picture. Then it occurred to me, so what?

These pictures are both romantic and sincere, though not necessarily comfortably so.

The personality of these pictures in located as much in the backgrounds as in the people. Ideally these two things complement each other

These portraits are made utilizing green screens and like much of my work they employ extensive post-production processes.

They are as much about painting as they are about photography.

They follow in a long tradition of prop and backdrop studio photography, from Nineteenth century Carte de Visites to contemporary Olan Mills productions.

Oliver Wasow was born in Madison, Wisconsin and received his BA from Hunter College and his MFA from the Transart Institute in Austria. He lives and works in Rhinebeck, New York, with his wife, two children, a donkey, five goats, 16 chickens, three cats and a dog.

He has been exhibiting extensively since the early 1980s. Most recently his work was included in the exhibition “Faking It: Manipulated Photography before Photoshop,” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC.

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